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Lucky Dog - A Dog and a Bike

Scarlett is trained to run alongside a bike.

Lucky Dog - Sawyer And The Bike

Brandon trains Sawyer to run along side a bike.

Lucky Dog - Not Such a Stroll in the Park

Brandon quickly realizes that Evan is unpredictable when it comes to jogging, so Brandon makes abrupt turns to get this Labrador under control.

Lucky Dog - Off Leash Training - YouTube

Brandon relies on the clicker to train Leah on becoming an off leash dog.

Lucky Dog - Simone Enjoys Popcorn

This loveable English Bulldog has a second chance at life and Simone is excited to have Popcorn join hers.

Lucky Dog- Sandy Learns Bridging

Lucky Dog- Sandy Learns Bridging

Lucky Dog- Can't Train Without Trust

Brandon does TLC (Trust, Love, Conquer) to help build Vinnie's confidence.

Lucky Dog- Fight or Flight

Luke's first day of training was not easy. He is apprehensive with his training due to his lack of trust, so Brandon attempts to gain Luke's trust.

Lucky Dog- Brace Test

Brandon tests Sandy to see if she has mastered the brace command.

Lucky Dog- Stay Means Stay!

Lolita is challenged on the stay command. Will she prevail?