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Millennia Of History, Beautifully Illustrated 'Here' In One Room

Here traces millenia of history — and prehistory — within the space of one large room.

Great writing quote from dump a day. <=== it's actually a quote from golden girls... lol!

The phone one is so true for me. I drop my phone ALL THE TIME. I've never had one crack

Her works have sold more than 400 million copies, and are available in 200 countries in over 60 languages. Helped start a new wave of interest in reading | Net worth: $1 billion. She has now lost her billionaire status as she has given so much to charity.

Well okay then... Just God and a couple of angels hanging out with a monkey

Writing a YA story for the 2016 #NaNoWriMo? Here are 8 stories that YA agents and publishers want RIGHT NOW! #writingtips

I'm watching PPG right now, and this kind of stuff keeps crossing my mind. Like, these girls are FIVE.

instead of the usual "everybody dies" tragedy the problem is that "everybody lives"

I would read this book. I would pay money for this book. You have a customer, right here. Write this book so you can take my money.

from Baby Names Log

25 Burdensome Baby Names for Boys

Unfortunately I have one of these right now :-/ Just wishing I was his wonder wall back.....