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Why you’re not looking at Europe when you stare out from an Atlantic beach

What Country Is Really Across the Ocean From You? - CityLab - Here are the spots where somebody looking over the horizon will face Australia and Oceania (the brighter ends of the lines indicate where the looker is stationed):

The Heihe-Tengchong line: 94% of the Chinese population lives east of this line.

General naming formats/customs across Eurasia and North Africa - Imgur

What's on the Other Side of the Ocean?

What's on the Other Side of the Ocean? · Mental Floss

The Balkans are states that have been shaped by their members in the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Map of China 1932

The Flight of Refugees Around the Globe

Mapping the migration of millions of people displaced around the world because of violence. Last year alone, about 14 million fled, according to the United Nations.

Illustrated Map of Madagascar Limited Edition Print A3 / 11.69 x 16.54 Fine Art Illustration Digital Print Africa Island Map


When I become a world traveler, then I will do this