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Ghosts that linger in my mind. Haunting the deepest corridors. Rising unwelcome to taunt me with tiny snippets of who I used to be.

God is there, I wish u would've heard the message tonight, God uses the people who failed, the people who go through trials and tribulations, The hard times and the worst, But stay strong for God and he will use u and get you through for the great or good

I asked for honesty many times, especially a month ago, when I simply wanted to know if you actually wanted, loved, or were pursuing physically someone else. I took this fear of mine to be irrational because you didn't say "yes".

"Don't you understand how beautiful you are? How lost I would be without you?" But those people never know that we feel that way, will they? So maybe someone feels the same about you and just doesn't ever say it to your face. We humans, we never do.


Where I confess how horrible of a person I am and then explain how I found inner peace…

If I had one wish in life, it would be to take me back to the person who I use to be. I miss myself the old me, i don't like who I am now :(