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Lion Babe Talk Working With Pharrell, Their New Single Impossible & Loads More | MTV UK

Picture under porridge oats. Great for motor dexterity and talk

Posters (available in two different fonts) that contain a short rhyme and small word lists to help pupils remember their long vowel sounds. also includes blank versions of the posters for pupils to add their own words to.

Sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love - watch Adam Baker's inspiring TEDx talk on living minimally and debt free.

Don't make assumptions... there is always more to the story

The concept of Harry with a snakey companion has been fic'd if anyone wants to read it.. Not my work, but figured I'd share. oh and read the tags. It's a Drarry fic and pretty AU in case you prefer your fics more canon friendly.

A lovely poem to promote outside play... Dirt on my shirt! Think I might have this book... To many to keep track of jeff foxworthy poem book I think

Or on a positive note...Always say things about yourself you want to come true... The law of attraction.

Quiet Critters - They only come out of their sound proof jar when the classroom is quiet!