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Learn about the most common illnesses during each stage of your child's life.

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Here's what happens to kids when they get to eat before school every day.

Amazing how just having breakfast can change a child's life

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Is Your Child Sleep Deprived?

Is your child getting enough sleep? Are you sure? Here's how to find out if your child is sleep deprived! Click now!

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Take an Extra Look: Child Heatstroke Deaths on the Rise

Never leave your child unattended in a car.

from Parents

Help for a Chipped or Knocked-Out Tooth

What to do if your child chips or knocks out her tooth.

Urinary tract infections, often called UTIs, are usually thought of as an adult…

When do you seek a neurologist for your child's headaches? Find the answer on the blog.

Does your child suffer from multiple ear infections? If repeated courses of medications haven’t worked, there is a simple operation that is highly effective at helping children who suffer from these repeated ailments: ear tubes.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers. We're breaking down percentiles and what they mean for your child's health:

When being referred to a pediatric cardiologist, most parents and children don’t know what to expect. Learn about the most common cardiology tests and what to expect during an appointment.