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PortalBuilder was the first product I worked on at TIBCO

Your beliefs and thoughts are a magnet that create your reality. Law of Attraction

EXPERIENCE DESIGN PYRAMID This may seem a bit academic but for me it is pretty fundamental to remember when doing experience design.  I put this checklist together to remind me why some experiences fail. Usually they are missing one or more parts of this experience design pyramid.  Do all 6 and your experience is like magic!


1950'S Reupholstered Southbank Chair

Interior design | decoration | home decor | furniture | Reupholstered Southbank Chair | Come enjoy the experience of buying or selling real estate in NYC with us at

Flat Mobile UI Design with Remarkable User Experience | Design | Graphic Design Junction

Also Design Thinking Approach :: Service Design Portfolio by Amy Cotton, via Behance

A Design Process Experience Map. A journey through the execution of design projects.


Website design & development Web Design My responsive design devices chart

Museum – A House for Learning by Péter György *This is not my work*

Museum – A House for Learning by Péter György *This is not my work*


Learning: What We Read-Hear-See-Do

William Glasser was one of the educational theorists we learned about in class. We talked about him in our class and actually looked at this exact quote. My takeaway from it is that is is important to give opportunities for students to experience learning, not only have them read and listen to teachers talk. It is important to keep learning active.