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MP406. "Strange Woman" Russian Movie Poster by Stenberg Brothers (Ivan Pyryev 1929) / #Movieposter

"Strange Woman" Russian Movie Poster by Stenberg Brothers (Ivan Pyryev /

Which of the Two, 1927. Russian Avant-garde movie posters by brothers Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg

Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, ‘Which of the Two /or Manhunt (Nunzio Malasomma)’

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Poster for Mikhail Kaufman's In the Spring by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. Stenberg Brothers, Vladimir and Georgii, were Russian designers, known for creating avant garde/constructivist theater and film posters in Moscow during the and

'Idol of The Public' by Stenberg Brothers,1921 (Vladimir, 1899 - 1982; Georgi 1900 - 1933)

Cartaz do filme "Idol of the Public" (ou "A Small Town Idol") de Erle C. Kenton e Mack Sennett, feito pelos irmãos Georgii e Vladimir Stenberg em 1921

Братья Стенберги  Киноплакаты русского авангарда. «Старушка» 1929 (Old Number 99)

Texture - The Stenberg Brothers included nice texture to the man on the left side's suit. It gives the impression that it has a wooly feel to it.