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Fluted Giant Clam – tridacna squamosa

Papua New Guinea 1968 Sea Shells SG 145 Fine Mint

Papua New Guinea 1968 Sea Shells Fluted Giant Clam SG 145 Fine Mint Scott 273 Other European and British Commonwealth Stamps HERE!

Blue squamosa clam Is this the real colour? I've seen some amazing ones but this is extraordinary.

Orange Shell in the Peaceful Sea, Can You Hear It Sing? f

Giant Clam - Not a Man-Eater

The giant clam is a carnivorous invertebrate that can live over 100 years in the wild. They only get one chance to find themselves a habitat or home as once they fasten themselves to a spot on the reef, that is where they remain for their entire lives. Many are very colorful, often with blue-green, fluted mouths.

Lot 308 – A fluted giant clam shell, 60cm – Inaugural Sale of Art & Antiques 27 Feb 2014

1Pair Fluted Giant Scaly Clam Seashell Tridacna Squamosa Sea Shell Beach Decor

1Pair Fluted Giant Scaly Clam Seashell by ShatomaBeachHerbs

fresh-n-salty: Fluted giant clam by Anel Van Veelen on Flickr. Fluted giant clam Bivalvia - Tridacna maxima Most species are filter feeders and live buried in sediments with only siphon openenings exposed. Others are attached to hard objects, while some burrow in corals.

Fluted Giant Clam Shell ~ tridacna squamosa Print