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IYL Chandra Celebrates The International Year of Light - These images illustrate how astronomers use different types of light together to get a more complete view of objects in space.

A simulation of the universe with realistic galaxies../ this is absolutely magnificent and Breath taking ,it would appear that the universe it a very busy and quite violent place to be ,for me it is much safer to see it from afar ,from the safety of our little blue marble.

An individual galaxy can be resolved from within the large-scale cosmic web, in this still image from the EAGLE simulation of the universe. EAGLE generates a more accurate picture of galaxies than any simulation of this size before it.

A highly bright green comet is about to put an amazing shoe for star gazers. This particular icy space rock, called Comet Linear, will observable from next week and it is going to be about 100 times brighter than astronomers had anticipated. Sky gazers, specially, in the southern hemisphere, were got to view of the comet earlier this week, after it came across Earth at 3.3 million miles away. At the moment, Comet Linear is moving swiftly into sight from the northern hemisphere. But because…

Comet Linear will be observable next week and is going to be about 100 times brighter than astronomers had anticipated.

Chandra X-ray observatory's archives come to life with celestial objects.

To celebrate Chandra’s decade and a half in space, and to honor October as American Archive Month, a variety of objects have been selected from Chandra’s archive. Purple nebulas are so great

A beautiful collection of new images from the NASA X-ray Observatory archives. Chandra X-ray Observatory has collected data for over sixteen years on thousands of different objects throughout the universe. Once the data is processed, all

The ethereal green glow of Aurora Australis shone high over Concordia station on the Antarctic plateau on July 18, 2012. It's an ideal place to study not just the heavens, but the effects on small, multicultural teams of long-term isolation in an extreme, hostile environment.

Window on Infinity: Pictures From Space

This image provided by the European Space Agency shows the Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights glowing over Concordia station in the Ant.

Human embryo in the eye of a needle. In case I needed a reminder of the miracle I carried within my body.

Embryo in the eye of a needle.shows how small that embryo really is! (Photo by Endless Forms Most Beautiful)

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You are here. Time to get a little perspective: the Universe was not made just for people and does not revolve around us; we are just a VERY small, very lucky part of it.