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• drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing trungphan249 •

drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing <-- black eyes like demons in Supernatural!

You don't stop trying because you mean something. Because you matter. Because you are worth more than you could ever comprehend. Because I love each one of you.

Anti-Social Media :: Anxieties- by yuu -on Tapastic Comics Read the purpleish parts, it's cool

Tell me who the monster is and always was ---the girls that judged her...... this made me cry

I knew when I saw the long cliff I thought crap what happened but when I saw the splat. My eyes widened and my heart melted. We need to stop bullying.>>this really got me thinking, it's so sad.

words hurt {I've never seen this before and sincerely hope it goes viral! I love it!}

WORDS HURT"continuing to highlight the great work by students at Carlsbad High School in their efforts to combat bullying. Here's another poster from their "Words Hurt" campaign"


✋Stop Bullying! sadly to people who bully think it's funny well it's not it makes u feel worthless and like u don't belong and no one cares or url not good enough .

Are you or someone you know a Victim  of Direct bulling or Cyber Bulling ? At LegalShield you got lawyers in your side that can defend you  please let us help you  put a stop to this ..

Cyberbullying happens when kids bully each other through electronic technology. Find out why cyberbullying is different from traditional bullying, what you can do to prevent it, and how you can report it when it happens