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Clinker Truffles

Make your own bouncy balls. Make them Glow in the Dark. Go crazy in the Laser Tag Arena.

How to Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball

Make your own polymer bouncy balls and then experiment to see how you can change the properties of the ball.

Beach balls painted to look like eyes put in a tree. Glow in the dark paint for Halloween. Wish i had a big fat tree now.

Play Recipe- How to make your own glowing bounce balls This looks like a fun activity. I'd recommend reading the entire entry before doing this with your class. The author did it at home with her children only.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 35 Pics I like the cabinet door => table idea, even for a teenager or adult it would make a good lap table or something to put my laptop on when i'm sitting on the design home design interior design 2012 designs|