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ve mavi kelebek uçup gider!: "AŞK KALPLERİN CENAZESİDİR" - Tribute to "Funeral Hearts" of Him...

My name is Maria, 44 years old and I am a huge Ville Valo / Bam Margera fan


Ville and Mige reminds me of my friend erica and myself sooo since today is her birthday and i kinda really miss her, and she won't pick up the dang phone i'll do a Mige and Ville Pic Spam just for her!

Ville Valo

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Ville Valo

Ville Valo may pout, but this man is one of the most excellent vocalists in the world.



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Ville Valo I cant seem to find very many pics of them. Not that i dont love ville valo