Lesley-Ann Brandt - Lucifer Season 1 Promoshoot

Lesley-Ann Brandt as the demon Maze in Lucifer - Season 1 Promoshoot

Just a demon & a doctor hanging out on set. What could possibly go wrong? @LesleyAnnBrandt #lucifer @LuciferonFOX

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Chloe Jane Decker is a major character in the TV series Lucifer. She is a homicide detective.

Chloe e Charlotte atacam!

Chloe e Charlotte atacam!

Hootsuite 26 days loading till Lucifer Season 2 who is counting with me

‘Lucifer’ Episode 11 Trailer: Chloe Wakes Up Naked; Lucifer Becomes Charitable…


Lesley-Ann Brandt ( Mazikeen aka Maze / Lucifer ) my absolute favorite.

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