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2015 has been a bad year for Monsanto. And it’s only getting worse. #MonsantoMakesUsSick #BanGlyphosate #Food #Ag #GMOs

Farm workers will now have sweeping new protections from pesticides under new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. #MonsantoMakesUsSick #BanGlyphosate #HumanRights #WorkersRights

On Saturday May 23, thousands of people from 400 cities worldwide were united as they marched with the same objective: To stop Monsanto from poisoning our planet and our people. #MonsantoMakesUsSick #MarchAgainstMonsanto

Just when you thought Monsanto couldn’t get more evil. The Biotech Bully has devised a dastardly plan to lie and cheat its way to more profits and power. How? By rebranding itself as a "sustainable agriculture company.” #MonsantoMakesUsSick

Monsanto thinks it can escape its poisonous history and evil reputation by changing the company's name and moving overseas. But we’re on to them. #MonsantoMakesUsSick

You might ask, why all the fuss about agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? After all, regulatory agencies have approved these technologies for widespread application and consumption, so they must be safe, right? Well, the truth is that there is no agency and no industry that works to protect our health. At best, the EPA, USDA, and FDA attempt to respond to our disease after the cause is widespread.

Monsanto's toxic chemicals are saturating the planet. It's bad for the environment, and it's bad for us. Ready to rid the world of toxic pesticides and GMOs? Check out these 12 ways we can drive GMOs and Roundup off the Market! #MonsantoMakesUsSick #MillionsAgainstMonsanto #LabelGMOs #RightToKnow #Health #BanGlyphosate