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Oh, I pissed you off? Lol

Hilarious picture of Jack Nicholson smiling and being extremely happy, because he doesn't care much. He has craziness in his eyes


The 23 Most Ridiculous Chuck Norris Memes Ever

Funny pictures about Near-Chuck Norris experience. Oh, and cool pics about Near-Chuck Norris experience. Also, Near-Chuck Norris experience.

OMG!  I laughed so hard & had to watch again after he said this. I was dying! Such a great show!

One of my favorite shows of all time and with fall coming up that means a whole new season of the Dunphys, espcially Phil show is the life blood of the show. Enjoy these Modern Family TV Quotes. See more modern family quotes.

A Day To Remember | Sometimes Your The Hammer... Sometimes Your The Nail lyrics

A Day to Remember - Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail

Fear me. Love me. Do as I say, and I will be your slave. - Jareth

Fear me. Do as I say, and I will be your slave. - Jareth--when my best friend first heard this line it confused her.

Surgical Technologist CST

It takes longer sometimes to explain THAT we are not nurses; HOW we chose this OCD-riddled occupation that takes as long to learn as it does to become an ADN RN; WHY we chose this over the same period of