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Explore Arkansas, Sunsets and more!

Bear Hill Interiors via At Home in Arkansas, photography by Nancy Nolan. Inspiration for my daughter's bedroom. Stunning!

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What To Include In A Child's Wedding Activity Pack

Good ideas: Brown paper instead of a table cloth so they can draw on it. Disposable cameras with a list of things to find. Stickers and animal toys Retro toys like spinning tops that they wont have played with before.... ALSO to have someone take the children out before the speeches, either to play in the garden or watch some tv/a disney film


Catching the colours of autumn

Drive. The Arkansas Pig Trail, Hwy 23. Runs ~24 miles from US 71 near Elm Park north to the Missouri state line.

Our perennial garden has at least 3 herb plants, and I really should a) positively identify them, and b) start using them! I know for sure we have chives. But I think we also have sage (or tarragon), possibly thyme, probably rosemary and maybe even some mint.

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Black Outlaws, Cowboys, and Lawmen of the Old Wild West

Isom Dart ~ A Black Cowboy It seems history has conspired against the many cowboys of color. Isom Dart is one of those black cowboys whose adventures are often left untold. Born a slave in Arkansas and later freed by the Civil War he rode West. His pursuits ranged from rodeo rider to cattle rustler. His life came to an abrupt end when he was shot down in Cold Springs, Colorado by an unknown assailant on October 3, 1900. #Black_History.

Tracks Along the Arkansas by Mary-Ellen Campbell - Books from Natural Materials | mixed media   84x24x2" #hanging #book_arts

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Yogi's Journal

4H Yoga program for Kids with University of Arkansas. Partner Yoga #fb Healthy Living Yoga for Kids! Gaileee <3 it!