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Smartwallet Plånböcker

Woolet: The Slimmest Smart Wallet for the Modern Man by Woolet Co — Kickstarter

The Woolet Is A Wallet That Yells At You When

The Woolet Is A Wallet That Yells At You When You Leave It Behind | TechCrunch

Shadowplay Clock | Breaded Escalope| thies desgin collective has created a clock that uses shadows to display the time when a finger is placed within its face.

Shadowplay Clock by Breaded Escalope

Giant Outdoor Lamps

Anglepoise adds to its popular collection of Giant Lamps, they’re now bringing the Giant lamp to the outdoors with the Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Collection, which includes a floor lamp and an articulated wall-mounted lamp. The Giant has been re-eng

This Road Printer Makes Paved Roads Like Laying A Carpet -

Mighty Power Wallet Is A Wallet That Charges Your Phone In Your Pocket -

Polska ceramiką stoi

Xiaomi Unveils The Mi Mix Smartphone That Comes With Cutting Edge Technologies And An Edgeless Display -