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250-Year-Old Eyewitness Accounts of Icier Arctic Attest to Loss of Sea Ice (pinning this mostly for the photo, which is cool)

from Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Graphic: Arctic sea ice loss

floating cap of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean

from National Geographic News

Yes, Mr. President, We Remade Our Atlas to Reflect Shrinking Ice

Picture illustration of the Arctic Ocean ice melting on through National Geographic atlases

Lily Anther, Still Alive Using a new microscopy technique, scientists can see living cells clearly without the need to stain them, a process which usually kills the cells. These cells are from a lily anther, the pollen-carrying reproductive portion of the flower. University of Sheffield

TROJAN PENGUIN  An emperor penguin and chick watch a disguised rover roll up to them. The rover helps collect data without stressing the animals. ~~ Y. Le Maho et al/Nature Methods 2014

German City Gets Creative With Traffic Lights So Smartphone Users Never Have To Look Up

This Bot Has Written More Wikipedia Articles Than Anybody

from Smithsonian

Scientists Will Soon Be Trawling Through All of Your Tweets

Twitter's Japan revenues overtake UK to be biggest market outside US