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Chinese medicine explains what you should be doing with your body/self at each hour of the day for ultimate health benefits

Moxibustion (艾灸 – pronounced Ai Jiu) is a traditional therapy that involves the burning of a small bundle of tightly bound herbs, or moxa, to targeted acupoints of the body. The heat generated during moxibustion helps increase the flow of essential energy or Qi (气) throughout the body via the meridians. In traditional Chinese medical theory, stimulating the flow of Qi is essential to achieving health and wellness.

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Chinese Five-Element Healing Intensive with KESHAV HOWE Traditional Chinese healing attributes health to the natural flow of energy, or chi. The five elements (earth, fire, water, wood and

Multivitamins Help Women with Aggressive Breast Cancer - Researchers have shown that women taking a daily multiple vitamin and mineral were 30% less likely to die if they developed invasive breast cancer. That is a stunning reduction in mortality in the face of a serious health problem, further evidence of the power of #nutrition to improve health outcomes in the face of disease. Read more > #BreastCancer