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Nellie McClung- A Canadian women's suffragist and temperance advocate, Nellie McClung was one of the "Famous Five" Alberta women who initiated and won the Persons Case to have women recognized as persons under the BNA Act. She was also a popular novelist and author. Taken from: http://canadaonline.about.com/cs/historywomen/p/nelliemcclung.htm

“A society which disregards those who are weak and non-productive risks exaggerating the development of reason, organization, aggression and the desire to dominate. It becomes a society without heart, without kindness — a rational and sad society, lacking celebration, divided within itself and given to competition, rivalry and, finally violence”Jean Vanier in Man and Woman, God Made Them Hear.

Afghans attend a demonstration condemning the violence against women in the country, in Kabul on July 31, 2012. Dozens of women and men staged a peaceful demonstration in Kabul on Tuesday, calling on government to stop violation against women in Afghanistan.

Meet the extraordinary Roya Mahboob. She is the first female IT CEO in Afghanistan, a place where gender discrimination is a way of life. She founded Afghan Citadel Software Company. She’s currently the CEO of Women’s Annex, a non-profit that seeks to give Afghan women a platform to express their artistic side. "I hope that all women in Afghanistan one day can be financially independent and have equal rights". Roya Mahboob http://www.thextraordinary.org/roya-mahboob

Dorothy Day (1897 – 1980), prickly as ever and ready for arrest. A journalist who became a passionate Catholic after a youth of "free love" and experimentation, she was an anarchist, who was led most clearly by radical New Testament teachings. From the 1930s, Day worked closely with Peter Maurin to establish the Catholic Worker Movement, a network of pacifists that worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the poor people they served, blending practical hospitality with direct political action.

Famous Five. Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parbly, 1927 argued the "persons case" to make women legally a "person" that could sit in the senate

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the nation's most well-known sex doctor. In 1939 after her father had been taken by the Nazis her mother and grandmother sent her to Switzerland. At 16 she moved to Israel and joined Haganah, an underground Jewish military organization. She trained as a sniper, but she avers that she never killed anyone. Her military career was cut short when she was seriously injured: her legs were almost ripped off on her 20th birthday from cannon ball shrapnel which exploded.

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