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Something for my SororZ  #ZetaPhiBeta #origamiowl

Something for my SororZ #ZetaPhiBeta #origamiowl

Origami Owl The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon locket, created by me!

Origami Owl The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon locket, created by me Pam R

Wedding inspired locket look!  Visit for more great ideas!

Cute use of Scrabble Tiles and an Origami Owl Living Locket! Good gift idea for a bridal shower or the wedding day. Plus the bride can add more charms later - say, for a baby? Place order at saramattingly Com

Duck Dynasty origami owl living locket.

Duck Dynasty origami owl living locket.

Our Signature Locket Watch is a stunning statement piece that can be personalized by adding Charms and Crystals to tell your personal or seasonal story.

Customization meets luxury with the Origami Owl Signature Locket Watch. Crafted in durable polished Silver Stainless Steel and featuring 61 luminous Swarovski® Crystals, design the look that means the most to you by adding Charms to tell your story.

Life is a gift! Share with the world that you are blessed! SHOP ONLINE @

Origami Owl Living Locket Personalized Jewelry-- Survivor for Cancer Awareness

New pink locket from Origami Owl.! I Love Pink :) visit Ashley website @  Thanks!

Spring has Sprung at Origami Owl! Be on tend worth our NEW locket with the interchangeable pink enamel face and flower window plate.

Love! Love! Love this look!!! Origami Owl.. It's okay to mix a black locket w/crystals with a silver link chain. Join My Team - Andrea Stokes, IDM #5993

Love the Karma ring inside the Origami Owl Living Locket! Origami Owl charms Personalize yours Locket today!