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21 Simple Spooky Halloween Crafts

21 Simple & Spooky Halloween Crafts. With links to some of the most amazingly simple tutorials to pull off a spectacular Halloween display.

Looking for a little touch of creepy? Hide eyeballs (Golf balls can be used) in flowers or other places. Halloween decorations diy

@mpgibbs you have any extra wine bottles I can use to make this?? pretty cute..only I may do for Christmas decor instead of Halloween Wine bottle Halloween decor cute ideawould be to chalkboard paint and color on new décor for each holiday!!

Home Spooky Home: Easy Halloween Crafts

Make the Halloween craft: Choose sticker or die-cut letters in a style or size to your liking and hot-glue to a plastic bucket. Pull apart some polyfill and drape inside and to the side of the bucket to imitate bubbly witch's brew. /

Love Black Cats? 15 Quick And Cute DIY Ideas For Black Cat Lovers

I love all black cats and kittens. Something about their deep darkness of their fur contrasted by vivid eyes always makes me melt. So when I strated thinking of craft projects I want to do, I was attracted to diy project featuring black cats. I was looking around for ideas and I found some that I thought were so fun and adorable, that they were definitely worth sharing.