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my mad fat diary meme [6/6] colors: red

my mad fat diary meme colors: red

I do this all the time. I'll bet a lot of people do this. What's so creepy about remembering stuff?

Yeah I never understood why a good memory is perceived as creepy.

Lol :)

Or the cupboard or the cabinet or your locker and then it just falls on you the next day.

OMG.. Tru tho... Like scary deja vu

So I had a dream or it wasn't a dream, but my cousin fell out of a tree. Okay I still don't know if that happened in real life or in a dream, but others a long time ago

This happens allllll the time! Everyone always walks sooooo slow.

All the time -.- (extremely annoying moment, slow walker, no way around, teenager post)


Teenager Post Girls have periods, cramps, babies and everything else. The least a guy could do is text us first.

People these days...

When I was younger I thought that it meant that it was ten times better than another commercial for the same thing but a different brand right after the first one