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Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre. The song tells the story of the Christmas eve Italian Hall fire that killed 73 striking copper miners and their families in Calumet, Michigan.

Woody Guthrie - Brown Eyes from the album "American Folk Anthology" Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie (July 1912 -- October is best known as an Ame.

Dodge Veg-o-matic!

The Modern Lovers - Dodge Veg-o-matic

Stephen Jones and Christian Lacroix with Natalia Vodianova in Christian Lacroix Haute Couture photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, December 2003.

Christian Lacroix’s Glorious Couture From the Vogue Archive

Alice in Wonderland Natalia Vodianova as Alice attends a mad tea party in an haute couture confection by Christian Lacroix, who plays the March Hare, with Stephen Jones as the Mad Hatter.

Pinky Tuscadero and The Fonz

Pinky Tuscadero and The Fonz

Pinky Tuscadero and the Fonz. I wanted to be Pinky :)

kara-hayward-jared-gilman-and-the-scouts-in-moonrise-kingdom-rgb.jpg (3000×2000)

moonrise kingdom wes anderson scouts colour-design-and-costume-the-films-of-wes-anderson/

Theme Song from Crime Story - Runaway

Runaway by Del Shannon. As used as theme for the intro to TV show Crime Story.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the #GoldenGlobes / #ParksandRec

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes. 2 of my modern day heroines of comedy

The Day the Music Died was 55 Years Ago Today

The Day the Music Died was 55 Years Ago Today

The story behind the song American Pie by Don McLean. Featuring the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and of course Buddy, the Big Bopper .

Eddie Redmayne in a Topman Heritage suit and Felicity Jones in Dior gown and blazer.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones Talk Oscars, "The Theory of Everything" & Stephen Hawking

Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones Faced Rejection Together For Many Years Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones enjoy a cup of tea together for a feature in Yahoo Style! Here's what The Theory of Everything co-stars had to share: Felicity…

The Beach Boys ~ Ballad of Ole' Betsy and Don't Worry Baby

Ballad of Ole' Betsy and Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys - from 1963 and 1964 - two of my all time favorite car songs

Mario Panacci and Rick Roy 68 Pontiac Live at Moonshine Cafe May 2009

Mario and Rick putting down a distorted vibe version. A cool co-written take of 68 Pontiac is on Terry Blankley's .

David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car

'The story of Marv & Marion' with Bowie's Always Crashing In The Same Car as the soundtrack.) For more David Bowie material which you might no.