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La Academia Venus Belleza y Moda es un lugar para vivir en familia y como tal nos preocupamos por el futuro de cada uno de los miembros que la componen. Por ello contamos con: 1) Asesorías en el montaje de negocios de estudiantes y egresados. 2) Bolsa de empleo con las mejores oportunidades laborales en el campo de la belleza y la estética. #academiavenus #bellezaymoda #estilo #peluqueria #peinados #cortes #barberia #spa #centrosdebelleza #estilistas #beauty…

Scans that prove Leonardo da Vinci was right all along: New show reveals 'startling accuracy' of anatomical sketches which lay undiscovered for hundreds of years

Long praised as one of the finest artists of the Renaissance era and a visionary inventor, da Vinci's work as an anatomist was also well ahead of its time


Model Helen Bunney in a black and white chequered dress, London 1957. Photo by John French.

Rut Mackel’s “The Ugly Truth” explores the ugliness and the beauty that exist within each of us. For the project the models were asked to hold a piece of framed clear glass and press their face against it to get various face distortions. Speaking about the project Rut said, “Face is a symbol of personal identity. It’s the mirror or the mask of the self. The mirror either ‘reflects’ or ‘distorts’. Our faces are us. Thus, facial disfigurement can be particularly distressing.”

Popup Domination Review

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Looking for a cool place to get away from the summer heat?Dobšinská Ice Cave, Slovakia Thus the annual temperature average stays around 0°C. The cave iced up, as this cycle repeated for many centuries. The age of the cave is estimated at approximately 250,000 years.

All About Me Unit Ideas

Here are some the All About Me Unit Projects we have completed thus far: All About Me Glyph All About Me Puppet Theater with various feeling faces and ways we get to and from felt pieces. What co…

Labradorite Gemstone meaning Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Use labradorite to: Stimulate imagination Develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas To see more clearly in meditation