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black bear cub by phoebe

So sweet this little black bear cub - but so dangerous! Do not feed!

yellowstone | Black Bear Spring Cub, Yellowstone National Park

Black Bear Spring Cub, Yellowstone National Park

Little Bear....

The pine tree stretched to the sky and huddled on one of it's branches was a black bundle of fluffy fur with curious eyes gazing down at the world below.a black bear cub ~ALR

Blümchen für Dich <3

Black Bear Cub with Sunflower I know that bear! His name is Lucky and he lives at the North American Bear Center in Ely MN after being rescued from someone who took him from his mothers den when he was very little. He's a big bear now.

Cinnamon Cub by Jess Findlay #bear #wildlife

"Cinnamon Cub" - photo by Jess Findlay cinnamon Black Bear cub breaks from gorging on wildflowers and strawberries to take a look at [the photographer] in the mountains of Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.