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Rather than splashing out hundreds on expensive champagne, get creative with your soft drinks – who wouldn't want to try some homemade lemonade?

Two variations of the original fingerprint wedding ring from Serendipity Diamonds. Available from most locations Worldwide, we send clients paper and ink pad to prepare their prints before they are sent and faithfully added to the wedding rings creating a truly unique and affordable effect that is truly personal in meaning. #fingerprintring

This is a great lesson for those who have in-law issues before the marriage even starts and a great reminder it's not war but a day and union to celebrate!

For an outdoor afternoon wedding, this could be rather hilarious to hand out before the ceremony. :) I feel like this would be very fitting.

You said you loved how I looked at you... does she look at you the same way? Does she see deep into your soul? Does she know what you're thinking before you say it? I think you're just afraid to face reality. I think you know it will never go anywhere so you have fun while you can and then move on to the next one when she finds someone else. Why do you push away the ones who love you most!?!