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Cadyn's father's sword. Cadyn rummages through the heaps of corpses and recovers this blade. Her main weapon.

BOTFA concept art. Speechless. I almost cried, the only reason why i didnt do so, is that i dont really like the last two elf concepts (sorry), they seems too "metallic" and "fish like".

Beautiful Elven Dagger - not even that expensive, either - unfortunately it doesn't say what size it is...

Ulfberht Sword - An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first purest steel blade. This crucial development achieved near-mythical status among warriors, making this one of the most important swords in the study of medieval weapons. The Ulfberht sword was a quantum leap in both technology and design. Not only was the material better, but the design of the sword was a definite improvement. ♠ See more at…

Because bullets and projectiles are useless at vampiric speeds (often called "overdrive"), it's not uncommon for a vampire warrior to carry at least one blade.