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The Best Friend's Club

You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea, and that's kind of the same thing!

This quote doesn't mean much coming from someone who stays up til 4 on a daily basis, but still. :)

not even best friends. if ur a close friend then i'd be theere for u no matter what and i'd stay awake for u

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Best Friendship Quotes: What is Friends?

A set of funny friendship quotes to bring smile on your face. Few sayings in these funny friendship quotes are so deep that only true friends can understand


OMG that's totally me Sure, i may look ridiculous but i'm with my best friend. So i don't care.

so true and i have the best friend anyone could ever have<3

Sometimes the only person that can make you feel better is your best friend. Even though your boyfriend tries really hard, he knows he will never be able to completely fill that hole with your best friend

Love this.

One of my most favorite things! Love reminiscing with my wonderful long time friends! Especially after losing touch for a long time!

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"My best friends are the extra sisters I picked out myself." I have been blessed to call some strong beautiful and free spirited women my friends.