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Inside a Covered Wagon | National Oregon/California Trail Center >> Historical Trails >> Trail ...

Covered Wagon Information (the Prairie Schooner, not the larger Conestoga Wagons!)

conestoga wagon plans | Labeled diagram great for notebook page. Also see back view .

Rock Cycle Interactive Notebook

Earth Science #4 Rocks & Rock Cycle Unit for Interactive Earth Science Notebook!

How Many Drops Of Water Can You Put On A Penny?

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

I may just have to make this little guy! Love the tail - just a touch of whimsy.

Pioneer Life – 8 Learning Activities for Kids

Pioneer Life - Activities for Kids - Education Possible

Great Pioneer Projects You Can Build Yourself introduces readers to the settling of the great American frontier with hands-on building projects.

Do you have trouble finding science and social studies curriculum for students with special needs? This is how I integrate common core science topics into my autism classroom!

-ed and -ing suffixes