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Explore Gerry Andersons Ufo, U F O and more!

UFO, aired in the UK, and a few years later in the U.S. My mother was obsessed… More

UFO TV Series Girls | ... In Futures Past » actress on the set of the british tv show ufo

from Cultural Expressions in the 1960s

4) Fashion

UFO, and the moonbase costume designers produced a classic.

UFO, and it seems the Skydiver uniform designers have tried to out-do their Moonbase colleagues. Would have thought these might be a tad distracting though in a combat situation.

Loved this marionette show as a child - STINGRAY... Yeah I know - geek (guilty and proud)

Troy Tempest, the captain of Gerry Anderson's classic kids' TV show and submarine - Stingray

STINGRAY from Gerry Andersons TV Series. Photo by Man of Yorkshire, via Flickr

NASA could learn a thing or two about spacesuit design from Lt. Ellis