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Supernatural - Crowley Quotes Art Print by Natabraska

supernatural crowley quotes | Supernatural - Crowley Quotes Art Print by natabraska | Society6

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Who's Your Supernatural Guardian?

Yess!! I got Crowley.. Like always.. in every test.. even before I started to like him ^^'

"Oh, I'm sorry. Have you met me?" Of course he worries about his little brother. That man is half his life... Come on Crowley!!! You banked on it often enough for your plans.

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Needs_the_cough-fee on

Under my breath I just said 'crorey' like jared did in season 8(?) gag reel <---hahahahah

This is actually kinda sad. Crowley just wanted a friend, he was having a good time with Dean. I think that Crowley made Dean into a demon because he thought Dean was super cool and wanted to hang out with him.

Supernatural - more sarcasm then anything else it is what brits are good at