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The facts

Yep my kids tell me I can't sing, I say that's ok, I don't have to be good to enjoy it! This probably apply to a few things in life.

But a very beautiful potato. Make all the other potatoes go TATOTATOMASH

Being a potato makes you special. I love potatoes and you should to. So when you say your ugly potato maybe you should just say to your friends " Well I guess that means I'm the lucky one!

Lol me

Relatable Post "I hate when part of my outfit I mentally planned is in the laundry.

A boy woke up feeling fishy. His father said that's because you're a fish son.

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I could not possibly tag enough of you in this pin - but you know who you are Drenga people

hahaha why is this so true? i still love my friends though :)<<<< idk it just is so true

Relatable Post how many times have I said this in my life. Every day in school!

And then they usually step on you in their haste to get to their food bowl :)

I've done this-- dog would lick my face and cat would sit on my chest in a very creepy way and stare at me.

Relatable posts

and THIS is why kids don't use mechanical pencils in my class. There is always a "shot face" during my math lesson and it drives me bonkers!

Teenage posts

I've been mad at people in real life to get over things they've done to me in dreams before.>>>> Ive had the craziest dreams that i actually thought where real for a while

serious skill.... <<<< I couldn't do it until I was 10, but it was to late if, you had 100 plus followers on instagram you had skill... Living in my generation your childhood ends so quickly - AnimeTrash

if you could run up the slide the other kids worshiped you. whoever could run up the slide was like the playground god

happens every time we play

We never have - As long as everyone agrees why read the rules. Although I always preferred the game Life to Monopoly.

My mind just blew

rhinos are just fat unicorns, maybe if appreciated them more. they would reveal their mystical powers. The Chinese will literally eat something if they think it'll give them superpowers, like some sort of chaos theory of schizophrenics.