Guest Post: Perfect partners: Muslin and cashmere

1805-1810 ca. Muslin Dress. Dress, cotton embroidered with cotton thread, woven in Bengal. Given by Miss. P. H. Rew. Museum no. CIRC. 30-1958. 1750-60 ca. Shawl, twill-tapestry woven pashmina, Kashmir. Given by Miss M. Davis. Museum no. IM. 17-1915 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Wing Scarf, Bird Feather Scarf, Festival Clothing, Sarong Scarf, Boho Scarf, makeforgood, Digital Print Scarf, Fashion Scarves

Modal Green Women scarf Hand painted Wings and feathers by Shovava . I want this very very much

WOMEN AUTUMN WINTER 15 - Cobnut corduroy Boys Jacket, damson cashmere Deep Trim T-Shirt, lilac silk/cotton Classic Shirt, cobnut corduroy Cropped Cuffed Trouser, black leather Chelsea Shoe

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