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Anime Boy with Wings | Versailles' Characters*~

by 草食培根 Uta and his genderbend from Tokyo Ghoul..... is it weird that I would date uta no matter what gender | no I'm with you there

Oh my gosh, this is so scary accurate. o///O ...WHAT IS SHE-- THE GODDESS OF COSPLAY??! ...someone find her a Kaneki-cosplaying-God, now!! ^w^ Or better yet-- a Haise cosplayer! :D

Attack on Titan card idea <<< I think I'm gonna do this for my friend on her birthday lol<< DO IT FOR MEEE

from Rolecosplay

Come to Cosplay and Totally Enjoy it

Anime: Ao no Exorcist Character: Amaimon

Fairy tail- who is this?O.o she is scary. Is it Mira? <---- Its Dimaria (Alvarez arc)

MY SISTER HAS NEVER EVEN SEEN THE SHOW AND SHE FIGURED IT OUT: by sitting like that, less blood goes into his legs, and it reserves blood for his brain, so he can think better!! I feel so stupid...

'..No. I already cut myself, I'm still hiding my face, I'm not only judging my size but also everything else on me and my life... I'm happy it's not a film, nobody'd watch it.. and I'm going to die anyway, so why not a few years earlier?' -Kazaya

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Top 10 Best Sword Art Online Kirito Cosplays You Don't Want to Miss

#cosplay kirito Sword Art Online