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Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

'Storyteller: Recovery', the final piece in Kate Powell’s A Level Art project, is a stunning self-portrait, completed using tinted graphite, coloured pencil, ink and collage. Demonstrating a superb level of observational drawing skill, the composition communicates a depth of emotion that is rare within a high school Art project: a visual expression of overcoming of struggles with self-harm / eating issues. The collaged, torn diary pages provide a textural base for the artwork, setting free…

thepapercity: one of the very early in progress drawings from my thesis work… watch this space!  to quote Owain Williams ( from an email exchange last year - “ there is no shame in drawing your guts out before you are certain how your plan is arranged” - great advice!  very fine draftsmanship

The concept of Harry with a snakey companion has been fic'd if anyone wants to read it.. Not my work, but figured I'd share. oh and read the tags. It's a Drarry fic and pretty AU in case you prefer your fics more canon friendly.

zannagoldhawk: Sorry I haven’t posted anything in AGES guys! I’ve been super busy over Christmas, and now I’m flooded with uni work. I’ve still been finding the time to check out all the awesome stuff you’re posting though! Woah! Anyway, here is a nice little cabin in the woods - I’d quite like to be there now, instead of doing my Uni work. You can buy it as a print here!