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The Taco Rack allows you to fill even the soft tacos up, with a pile of cheese on them, making each one almost a meal in itself!

Hard shells or soft, the Taco Rack will keep them separate and elevated to allow for even heating...

Out of the oven, all filled and garnished... These soft tacos are ready for the taste buds! The Taco Rack turns anyone into a great taco chef, designed to please your family and impress your friends as well!

Taco Rack Turkey Baking Rack? That's right, yesterday on Thanksgiving, we at Taco Rack Central used two of our Taco Rack Seniors, to elevate a 20lb Turkey high above the pan for excellent roasting. This 4.5 to 5 hour bird cooked to perfection in just over 3 hours. It appears that the elevated turkey cooked in almost half the time, thanks to the Taco Rack. Get your Taco Rack at www.TacoRack.com

At Taco Rack University, our chefs are always looking for unique ways to present food to their guests. Here are Peruvian Empanadas ready to go out to the table.

Remember class... In Taco Cooking 101, with The Taco Rack you can have Oven Tacos or Grilled Tacos!!!

The Taco Rack by La Cook-a Rack-a is not only the worlds only Taco Cookware, but some of our Genius Customers have sent me additional applications where our Stainless Steel Designs, can add more uses than just for Tacos! With an improved outcome as well! Check it out!!!

Melting the cheese, without them sticking to each other, making them easier that ever!

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