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Fishing Creel

Restored Vintage Fishing Creel/Basket with Full Chest Harness Salesman Model

Fishing Creel

Profile: Charlie Russell. Photo courtesy Charlie Russell.

Partnership: 'You give me half the fish, and I'll tell my mom to let you live'.partnership & the baby bear

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Osprey - This raptor lives all around the world and is slightly different from eagles and hawks because of its specialized claws. It is an excellent fish hunter.

I'm up for it! Anybody else?

I think this qualifies as a fishing quote. We should fish 5 days. Sounds like a plan for a vacation.

Find out how lure color changes underwater for better fishing results! #Fishing

View From Below: Does Lure Color Matter Underwater?

Have you ever wondered what the fish see? Find out how lure color changes underwater for better fishing results from fishing expert Steve Starling.

Learn to Read the Water to Locate Trout in Streams | Fix.com:

Where’s That Trout? Learn How to Locate Trout in a Stream

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Trophy Antler & Horns 2013 Wall Calendar: Enjoy a dozen images of beautifully captured horned and antlered animals?from caribou and moose to buffalos and a

Joke From the River.....Share with all your friends!

There are cute animals, then there are cute baby animals. This series of 40 baby animal photos will literally melt your heart. There is so much cuteness in

Peopleing.....in an alternate universe!!!

Peopleing.....in an alternate universe!!!

The Albright knot is mostly used when working nylon or very slippery based lines.Albright fishing are knot easy to tie.


It's an addiction I hope they never find a cure for in my lifetime. Good Friends, Great Times and Fine Fishing. Get outdoors and treat yourself to a day on the water with us at Mirimichi Fly Fishing. You owe it yourself.