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Natural Solutions You Should Try for Droopy Eyelids

Eye make up tutorial for all the girls out there who have "heavy" or "hooded" eye lids, you know the skin fold that covers your eyelid :/ well there actually is a way to make it pretty w/out having a make up artist!

Learn all about oils and what they do for natural beauty skincare on


Cracked Heel Remedy - For Super Soft Feet

Cracked Heel Remedy solution with products you probably have in your bathroom cabinet right now! |

Home Remedies for Age Spots | Organic Facts- The home remedies for age spots include lemon juice, onion, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, castor oil, olive oil, cucumber, papaya, orange juice, butter milk, garlic, dandelion, radish, rosemary oil, rose water, sandal powder, shade, and covering the spots.

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How to Make You Own Soothing Gel for Tired Eyes

How to Make Soothing Cucumber, Chamomile and Aloe Vera Gel for Tired Eyes

Home Remedy for Treating Eye bags


Eyelid Sagging Exercises

Facial Exercises for Droopy Eye Lids

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

TTO is the best acne treatment I've EVER used. Here's how to use tea tree oil for acne.

Get rid of those saggy, droopy eyelids without surgery! Okay, this fix takes some dedication, but so does surgery...