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An official photo describing the kit of a British infantryman in 1939. Note that the gas mask ('respirator') and anti-chemical warfare cape are parts of the outfit, remnants of WW1 memories. In actual combat, and marching with full kit, the British infantryman would carry a pack known as a "valise" that contained more clothing and personal items. Officers wore the exact same uniform save for markings of their rank.

Women munition workers finish small arms cartridges in Small Arms Cartridge Factory No.3 at Woolwich Arsenal, London, during the First World War. (Artist: Lewis G P)

Remembrance Day 11th November - to honour and remember all those who were affected, injured, or gave their lives in Service to their country - lest we forget...x

July 1, 1916. The First Day of the Battle of the Somme. Despite the heavy loss of life and failure to achieve the expected breakthrough, Field Marshal Haig and General Rawlinson deemed the attack a success, so much that the offensive was to continue for a further four months, only ending with the onset of winter. -

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters

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World War Two History Events Printable Timeline Poster


There is still a place in the line for you. Will you fill it? | British WW1 Propaganda Poster

World War I. Burial of French infantrymen in a shell hole at Bouconville (…

Poster encouraging women to save more scrap and waste - 'Up housewives and at 'em!'.