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World War 1 - 100 years ago, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, walked out into the desolation of "No-Man’s Land" and shook hands. The cause was the Christmas Cease Fire of 1914. In a moment unique to the First World War, troops were given a moment of respite from the horrors of the war when soldiers exchanged gifts, looked at each others’ family photographs and played friendly games of football with the enemy.

British soldiers give a drink to a wounded German soldier during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

May 1917. A captain of the 1st regiment of zouaves keeps a German wounded at bay during the attack on the Mont Cornillet, Marne, France.

WWI, 13 Nov 1916, Battle of the Somme. British soldiers in a bomb crater in the German lines near Beaumont Hamel after the capture that day. ©AKG Images ( AKG 916759)

Canadian soldiers survey a smashed German bunker. Battle of Passchendaele, July to November 1917

The first colour photographs from the German front line during World War One

Dramatic photographs from WW1 that show the carnage... and courage

Up and at 'em! British soldiers go into action, but the man in the foreground has fallen before even leaving the trench. Note the reinforced concrete bunkers in the background which have already suffered heavy artillery pounding