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Science Journal: Density Triangle Foldable Completed

Not only does this foldable provide all variations of the formula involving Mass, Volume and Density, but the foldout part already has the definitions filled in for you. A GREAT piece to add into a journal to help students with vocabulary and with the understanding of the mathematics involved in calculating density.

A facile, highly stereo- and regioselective hydrometalation of alkynes generating alkenylmetal complex is disclosed for the first time from a reaction of alkyne, carboxylic acid, and a zerovalent group 10 transition metal complex M(PEt3)4 (M = Ni, Pd, Pt).

Chemistry Chemistry - $5 I need to plot the observed emf in mV vs logarithm of ppm F to obtain a calibration curve. From a prepared stock solution of 100 mL and the KCl molarity is 0.1M for it. From dilution of this solution, a 20 ppm, 10ppm, 5ppm, 2.5ppm, and 1.25 ppm were made. Im not sure how to go about setting this up. The weight of NaF used was 221 mg and the emf data for the dilutions are: 20ppm=276 mV , 10ppm=279 mV , 5ppm=284 mV , 2.5ppm= 289 mV , 1.25ppm=297 mV. to view the…

Normality to Molarity

Worksheet: Calculating Molar Mass

Apologia, ed 1 Chemistry - What will be covered in the Apologia Chemistry Course? *