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IT Crowd Education/I think this is my first pinned meme, but it would be SO great in my classroom!

from Twitter

Megan Lightfoot on

That's why we get along so well because I can never understand what he is saying.... Love him! You have no idea! Lol

More hilarity, courtesy of Texts from Dog! "Woe is me. My dancing elephant hasn't mastered the tango." BAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Sherlock can HEAR grammar errors." Haha this makes me happy xD

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Punctuation Saves Lives - 8x10 Poster for the Classroom

Used something like this to jump start a lesson about using commas and it works great when you put it up on the smartboard to get them going!

Another thing for those people in my life who just don't understand.

Miranda Hart's brilliant take on What Not To Wear. Although I love What Not To Wear. LOL

How did we originally come up with the idea of language<< a bunch of idiots tried building a tower to heaven and take over heaven but God was like nope and created different languages among them and scattered them around the earth so they couldn't finish. (The Tower of Babel; Genesis 11)