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BrainSpew the 45th by Altalamatox on deviantART

BrainSpew the by Altalamatox on deviantART

TailWinds Game Concept by *Altalamatox on deviantART

TailWinds is a tabletop RPG being developed by set in the populated by talking animals, involving airc.

BrainSpew the 47th by Altalamatox on DeviantArt

Man, it's entirely too late for artist commentary. Okay, the weed type Pokémon will only make sense if you've ever looked at the stats for the Oddish family.

BrainSpew the 89th by Altalamatox.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Wait---- what? You thought we had a deal? You thought you got a month& recovery time between these? Just got back from a trip, rounded up my various garbages today and discovered.

BrainSpew the 55th by Altalamatox on deviantART

Frick, I’ve been posting a lot lately. My roomie informs me I am a moron for worrying about putting up annoying amounts of art in a short span of time so… here, haff some moar. Lately I’ve been.