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Imagination in Action by Shaun McNiff

It is a remarkable and impressive book that offers so much to its reader on so many different levels. I am sure that it will be an absolute godsend to any artist wishing to perfect their craft, to those creative individuals who might be experiencing blockages to their own creativity as well as to the many first-times seeking to release the creative beast that remains dormant within themselves. ★★★★★

You know how it goes... busy mum, run my own biz... who has time to get creative with veggies. I DO! Well, thx to Hugh. An absolute godsend for those in a 'steamed veg on the side' rut! Love it :)

Stairwell photo. My "topper" is more of a square. Don't want to cover all of it but like the idea of putting a LARGE photo in a frame up there! Maybe some cool scenery picture that could stay up forever?

Relpax 40mg tablets=I suffer from incapacitating migraines. I have spent the last 21 of my life going to appointments at the University of Michigan Migraine Clinic. I've been working with Dr. Wade Copper (in my opinion the best Neurologist around). I'm not a doctor or a nurse practitioner. I'm just a girl, a mom, and a wife trying to get her life back. I made this board, because i want to help you. These are just a few medications that i have tried. They may or may not have worked for…


Female Genital Mutilation in Africa: Gender, Religion and Pastoral Care (Hardcover)