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Shotgun Fox 20 ga -

Annie Oakley Remington-Beals Rifle - Chambered for her favorite .32 caliber cartridges, this lever-action single-shot rifle was sold by one of Oakley’s relatives in 1940. But bear in mind, less than 800 of these guns were ever manufactured by the Remington factory from 1866 to 1870. Set your sights on seeing thousands of great guns at the NRA’s National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. - CZ 83 Custom wood Grips

Engraver: Alain Lovenberg (Belgium) -

TR’s Fred R. Adolph Double Rifle- This Adolph double rifle bears the Presidential seal on both barrels and is attributed to use by President Theodore Roosevelt on western hunting excursions. -

A Presentation Model 1862 Police and Pocket Navy Conversion Revolver . Circa 1873-1880; serial number 23773E Owner: scout Captain Cyrus McNeeley Scott Inscribed: C.M. Scott Manufacturer: Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company Engraver: Louis D. Nimschke, "THIS GUN HAS A TIFFANY COMPANY GRIP" . More

450-400 3" Westley Richards Farquharson rifle



The ‘Boutet Gun’ was a speculative gun built by Westley Richards in the mid 1980’s. The gun was a 12g pinless sidelock. The Boutet style was designed in the style of Nicolas Noel Boutet. The commission was faultlessly executed by the then mostly unknown but now infamous ‘Brown Brothers’.

Classic W J Jeffery safari rifles-From left, the .333, .404 & .500 Jeffery sporting rifles. This complete set above are all built on Magnum Mauser actions and are the No. 1 Model I am quite sure that many a sporting rifle collector can put 2 of the 3 classic W. J. Jeffery safari rifles on a table but not many out there can make up the whole set to include the mighty .500J! Jeffery only made a handful of these rifles pre war.