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Sherlock TSOT - anyhow true what Mrs Hudson said... --> yep. The show is full of parallels

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The Internet Has A Lot Of Emotions About Matt Smith's Final "Doctor Who" Episode

"Rose Tyler, I...."


Scumbag Sherlock

Don't you mean every TWO years


The Struggle Of Those Who Watch Sherlock

The Struggle Of Those Who Watch Sherlock | Tired of waiting for new episodes? Check out and stock up on some Holmes titles to keep you company!

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"Honey, you should see me in a crown" << Moriarty is not the only one to me seen in a crown.


That Explains A Lot Of Things

drunk John likes to play tricks on hungover John / BBC Sherlock Holmes / John Watson

Star Trek character Christmas ornaments, that each say a catch phrase.

Yeah, Star Trek very nearly made me cry. Love me some ZQ.