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during design miami/basel gallery ALL presents contemporary objects that highlight the union between materiality, abstraction and functionality.

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AT Basic Design II Spring 2011 Project 2 : Serial Planes Studies Phase B: Foam core constructions Recognition of a Problem: .

The Illuminating Folding Light

The Illuminating Folding Light

Cute Folding Design Table Lamp by Michael Jantzen The creator Michael Jantzen created the design and folding lamp Folding Light. The small sculpture is susceptible to movements. One can interact and m.

Libros Pop-Up Books Cards: Descarga Gratis Libro Phantastische Papier (Kirigami)…

Lámparas de papel

Use Laceys vinyl cutter to cut out paper, fold it and add a candle. Cut paper lamps - use battery operated lights though. or cover a jam jar .or the little solar ones you get for the garden

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"English artist Richard Sweeney concentrated on the hands-on manipulation of paper to create design models in his studies which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces. He now combines hand-craf.

Innovative Textiles Design - magnetic curtain with flexible geometric structure that can be shaped into different 3D forms; fabric manipulation // Florian Krautli

Nice work

Magnets in a movable fabric! Imagine being able to reshape your dress to any form. Magnetic Curtain A curtain which you can shape to any form. Through the incorporated structure and magnets, it stays in the shape you push a.