Cartoony eyes

different ways to draw eyes/Character Design References

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I love drawing eyes and I like how this is kinda reflecting what the person is seeing and I just love it!

13 manga/anime eye styles

Manga and Anime Eyes

Different Anime Eye Styles

The starting comparison is wrong.  Cartooning is an exaggeration or simplification of reality.  I feel posts like this are great for self reference and improvement, but in a year you'll look back and see how naive you were.

TUTORIAL: Disney Girls, may never use but useful if I ever get asked to draw Disney Princess style.

Ideas for shading Eyes

More anime eyes! Yayz But this time, I decided to draw both female (top) and male (bottom) This was my first time drawing male eyes, but I think they turned out well Hope you like it

A lot of animal drawing  tutorial

Learn to draw a Lion — animal studies

#beautiful eyes

How to draw face / different angles of face, eyes


How to paint tree, watercolor


A set of character expressions.

动漫 | 点点网轻博客@原画梦采集到作画教程(367图)_花瓣插画/漫画

Anime eyes<<<dis is like pinkie pie's family